Market Mommy in 2010

2009 is coming to a close and soon 2010 will be upon us. I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support over the past 6 months. Without our loyal subscribers, followers, readers, customers and advertisers Market Mommy would not be growing the way we have been. So, thank you!

Since our inception in June, Market Mommy has already grown by leaps and bounds. We've added this blog, hosted some VERY fun blog parties, gained hundreds of newsletter subscribers, surpassed 260 fans on our Facebook page and now have nearly 2,000 followers on Twitter. Wow!

In 2010, we're dedicated to continued growth! Market Mommy is planning to expand services as well as opportunities to promote your mom-owned business! It is going to be an exciting year at Market Mommy! So, be sure to stick around and invite all of your mom entrepreneur friends!

If you have an extra moment, please click here. This very short survey will help give us some insight to what you'd like to see on Market Mommy. Thanks!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! We'll 'see' you in 2010!

It's Free Shipping Day!

Just in case you still have shopping to do {I'm not accusing you of anything ;)} ..... today is Free Shipping Day!! Simply click here to check out all of the deals! After today you will be paying extra shipping costs for guaranteed Christmas delivery at most retailers! So, hurry!

WW:: Looks good enough to eat!

Just for fun!


I just came across this and think it's a pretty great idea! I actually wish I would have came across it a few days sooner. Have fun! These links are sure to put you in the holiday spirit!

Mommy Mondays

Are you a mom business owner? Would you like to be featured, here on Market Mommy:: The Blog? A favorite feature here on the blog is our Mommy Mondays where we interview a fellow mom entrepreneur, share her story and learn from her advice.

I know everyone is extremely busy {me included}, but I just wanted to remind you all that this opportunity existed. If you are interested, e-mail me with "Mommy Monday" in the subject line and we'll get you on the schedule!

Have a great week!

Are you stressed?

Well, we are officially well into the holiday season. Bring on the stress!

With family, children, gifts, cookies, parties, holiday orders and much more, it's easy to understand why you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment! Take a deep breath! Here are some easy, straight-forward ways to eliminate some of that stress this holiday season!
  1. Don't take on more than you can handle! It's ok to tell someone no if you need to! Don't feel guilty! If you add something to your list this year, take something else off!
  2. Prioritize! Make your list and stick to it! Manage your time and do the most pressing things first. That way, if something gets left out its most likely to be something less important!
  3. Focus on your kids! Nothing will bring you more joy than spending time with and enjoying your children! After all, they are why you do everything you do!
  4. Be honest! Not only with others but with yourself! If you really don't want to attend your great-aunt Nancy's grandaughters Christmas gathering, don't!
  5. Take time off! Just because you are an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have to work on holidays! Enjoy taking a few days off, you'll be more rested and ready to tackle 2010!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Book Recommendation!

Like me, I'm sure most of you are always looking for new resources when it comes to running your business. And, like me, I think you'll be impressed by Jill Hart and Diana Ennen's new book, So You Want to be a Work-at-Home Mom: A Christian's Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business.

I was genuinely impressed when I picked up the book. It did a great job of going through the basics, from the very beginning and was very comprehensive! It included chapters on topics such as where to start, choosing the right business for you, setting up your business, client relations and much more.

I thought one of the nicest things, being a Christian woman myself, was that it included scripture passages and how they relate to being a work-at-home-mom. It was very insightful! I also enjoyed the many resources that the book provided. Depending on the chapter's topic, it listed various websites and other valuable resources.

Of course, I was very interested in the chapter covering marketing. Hart and Ennen did a great job of outlining the basics when it comes to marketing strategy. They also gave some great, cost effective tips for marketing your business.

The book also got technical, which was appreciated. It covered business insurance, billing, taxes, trademarks and more. All of the elements covered are critical to first-time business owners.

I highly recommned this book for any mom entrepreneur! It can be purchased on Amazon, for a mere $10.87, what a great bargain! The book would also make a great gift for any of your mom entrepreneur friends, or any aspiring business owners you many know!

Support a Blogger

Some of the best ways to market yourself and your company online are increasing links to your website, serving as an expert source for articles and having lots of rich, original content on your site or blog. There is now a new service available that can help you with all of these, and more!

It's called Support a Blogger. The concept is simple, sign up for the newsletter and receive up to two e-mails a day with requests looking for guest bloggers. You then can respond to the requests that fit you the best. Before you know it, you could be submitting posts for publication in several blogs!

Support a Blogger is easy to navigate and understand. There is a short basic form to fill out if you'd like to be a guest blogger and a separate one if you'd like to request a guest blogger. And, if you'd like to have bloggers review your products, you can request that too! What a great tool!

Head on over and sign up, and be sure to have a fabulous weekend!

Cyber Monday Specials!

As promised, here are some of the best Cyber Monday deals available online from mom entrepreneurs! Enjoy!

Haven't ordered your holiday cards yet? Want a special, personalized card this year? Order from Announcements Galore and save up to 50% on Cyber Monday! All holiday cards are already discounted up to 10%, click here, and automatically save an additional 40% on any order! Hurry, additional 40% offer ends on Tuesday!

Our photo cards are high quality and ever lasting! Or, a magnet holiday card would really stand out! Also, our custom 8x10 keepsake collages make great gifts! With the coupon code and our quantity discounts, you can finish your holiday shopping today!

Re-gifting: you’ve thought of it. You receive a gift that is perfectly fine but just not your personal taste or style… So, I decided to give you my re-gifting blessing! Every purchase will receive a free pair of earrings. You can keep these handmade artisan earrings as a gift from me to you, or use as a gift for someone on your holiday shopping list. Like all my jewelry, the earrings will be made of good quality materials: sterling silver or gold-filled ear hooks, hand-painted cloisonné beads or semi-precious gemstones. As always, there is free shipping worldwide on all items!

We design, sew and sell adorable custom made baby products in hand selected fabrics including 100% organic cotton, flannelette and fleece. Our products include; extra large receiving blankets, sleep sacks, crib sheets, security blankies and more... For each product we offer different choices of soft fabrics and cute prints. Quality is number 1 to us and with 30 years of professional sewing expertise you´ll see this in every item we create! If you´re looking for something special for baby, look no further Wee Rascals has it! 15% Off orders over $50:MMARKET09. Free shipping over $100

Happy Black Friday!

Well, it's here, the official start to the holiday shopping season. Since today is Black Friday, I hope you spent it out supporting your local mom business owners! You'll have more chances to support your fellow mom entrepreneurs online on Cyber Monday! If you want to announce your Cyber Monday Deals here on Market Mommy:: The Blog, click here for more info.

I also hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving yesterday with family and friends. I know we did. We truly have so much to be thankful for! Our supportive families, our successful businesses, beautiful children and SO much more!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Cyber Monday Special!

The Monday after Thanksgiving is the busiest online shopping day of the year. Here at Market Mommy:: The Blog, we are planning a special Cyber Monday blog post, detailing some great gift ideas and special deals. Are you running a great sale that day? Have a special deal to offer? We want to highlight you!

For $25 you can include your logo or small product image and up to 100 words of text. We will link to one url of your choice. The blog post will be promoted to the hundreds on our mailing list, via
twitter {nearly 2,000 followers}, to our Facebook fans {over 200} and via a media press release. In addition, the blog post will be forever archived on our blog!! Increasing your SEO presence for months and years to come!!

Hurry, limited space available!! Click here to order!

HBP:: The Winners!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Holiday Blog Party! It was a fun week and I know the mom entrepreneurs appreciate all of your support! Below is a list of the prizes and their winners. Congrats to everyone!! If you see your name below you will be getting an e-mail from me shortly. Thanks again!

$35 Gift Certificate to Announcements Galore :: Deni
Little Girl's Purse from Pockets of Dreams :: Angela
$50 Gift Certificate to
Heavenly Flower :: Mena
5 People will also win a $10 gift certificate to
Heavenly Flower! ::
Nicole, Angela, Deni, Jenny and Bianca
Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark from
Cherished Voices :: Alyssa
Your choice of logo, ad or business card design from
JES Graphics :: Karen (from My Scratch Off Labels)
Shopping cart /Highchair cover in your choice of fabric print {excluding Minky & Bamboo Material} from
Lady Infant and Lord Toddler :: Leilani
Basic Package from
Kreative Kids Fun Mail :: Gail
$25 Gift Certificate to
Let's Go Strolling :: Mena
Personalized stocking from
My Embroidered Gifts :: Angela
Your favorite garment from Cottonseed Clothing :: Mena
Prego Planner from
Prego Planner :: Heather
Yoli reusable bottle and 2 Yoli Blast Caps from
Yoli :: Lynda
3 copies of
Celebrate Your Success :: Deni, Mena and Angela
$35 Gift Certificate to
Market Mommy :: Karen (from Pockets of Dreams)

HBP:: Klink Consulting

Who:: Erin Klink @ Klink Consulting and Author of Celebrate Your Success
Business Established:: August 2009

What they do:: Klink Consulting offers LIVE online Virtual Career Events for Home Based Businesses. Celebrate Your Success is a great inspirational book that features successful business owners and how they became successful.
How she finds balance:: I have 4 small kids, so I work little bits and pieces every day. I work during their nap times and after they go to bed. I also make a point to make 1-2 phone calls every hour on my business. After the phone calls, then I take time to play with the kids.
Her best advice:: Don't give up on your business.
What they are giving away:: 3 copies of Celebrate Your Success
Play and win:: List 3 companies featured in Celebrate Your Success.

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Yoli

Who:: Erin Klink @ Yoli
Business Established:: November 3, 2009

What they do:: Yoli is a new nutritous blast cap. It contains a your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and more.
How she finds balance:: I have 4 small kids, so I work little bits and pieces every day. I work during their nap times and after they go to bed. I also make a point to make 1-2 phone calls every hour on my business. After the phone calls, then I take time to play with the kids.
Her best advice:: Work consistently on your business every day.
What they are giving away:: Yoli reusable bottle and 2 Yoli Blast Caps
Play and win:: Why is the Yoli Blast Cap freeze dried?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post
here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP: Prego Planner

Who:: Heather Patterson @ Braelyn Bounty Bug
Business Established:: December 2006

What they do:: Braelyn Bounty Bug is an innovative maternity and baby essentials design company. In touch with the needs of today's mother, the Company's award-winning Prego Planner is a fun and fashionably functional pregnancy organizer. The only one of it's kind, the Prego Planner gives moms-to-be the ability to arrange and rearrange their own pregnancy planner. The expectant mother can take out pages she doesn't need and move pages where she wants them to go. A three-ring binder comes beautifully decorated with pre-printed pages for all the planning pregnancy requires. Among many other unique features, the mom-to-be can also purchase refill pages if she has the need for them.

Another innovative product by Braelyn Bounty Bug is the Tot Tag. Also known as the "ultimate diaper bag tag", the Tot Tag is available in three great designs complete with a diaper bag checklist on the back and a concealed identification area. The purpose of the concealed identification area is so the family's contact information is no visible during everyday use for all to see, but if the bag were lost of misplaced, the contact information could easily be found.
How she finds balance:: Though finding balance is a constant struggle (especially with my youngest home with me at all times), I have found it to be much easier balancing family life with work when I take the following steps:

  • Follow the same consistent routine each day so my children know what to expect \
  • Get up before my children and exercise
  • Get showered and dressed before my children wake up
  • Coffee, coffee and more coffee
  • Only volunteer at my child's pre-school when it is feasible and not when I feel pressured to do so
  • If my children are at home, I give them a full 1 - 2 hours of "mommy time" in the morning before I dig into my work.
  • ALWAYS say "yes" to snuggling when I am asked to
  • Designate every Tuesday night as my "at home date night" with my husband. Work is off limits and we turn the television off, have a good glass of wine, talk about our day and the dreams that we still have.
  • Give up what is not essential
  • Enlist the help of my husband - I am an extremely blessed woman with an amazing husband that supports me beyond words. He desires to see me and my company succeed and he goes out of his way to help. If my workload is unusually heavy, he will go to work early so he can take off early to come home and watch our children while I work. If the need be, he will make their dinners, give them play time and tuck them safely in bed.
    Summary: I always put my family first. That may mean that I'm working until 1:00 am, but putting my family first is something I will never regret.

Her best advice:: Networking, networking and networking! Networking and relationships are vital to you and your business. Also, create your "big picture" to-do list in an Excel sheet and put a deadline date next to each task. Open the to-do list daily. Setting actual deadlines for yourself will encourage you to get the task completed instead of procrastinating.
Save Now:: Receive a FREE Tot Tag with the purchase of any Prego Planner by using the code "MARKETMOMMY" in the Gift Message area of the order form. Please be sure to note the preferred style of Tag. Offer valid through December 31, 2009.
What they are giving away:: Prego Planner
Play and win:: What charity is Braelyn Bounty Bug raising money for during the Month of November? (Note: Donate and get registered to win amazing products such as a BabyLegs gift certificate, an all-weather WooBee Blanket, a $200 photo session and more.)

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Cottonseed Clothing

Who:: Erin Gutierrez @ Cottonseed Clothing
Business Established:: Shortly after her first child was born in 2005

What they do:: We offer you the Rainbow, the best in basics for your baby and toddler, luxuriously soft 100% cotton basics in 24 solid colors.
How she finds balance:: Moment to Moment. I try NOT to multi task and give whatever I am doing at that MOMENT my full attention.
Her best advice:: I don't pretend to have the answers, this job is hard!
Save Now:: MM1109 for Free Shipping expires 12/25/09
What they are giving away:: Gift Certificate for your Favorite Garment from Cottonseed Clothing. Shipping Included.
Play and win:: What is your favorite Cottonseed color?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: My Embroidered Gifts

Who:: Debra Killen @
Business Established:: 2001

What they do:: together with Sew Sweet Custom Embroidery is a family owned business offering a wide range of personalized embroidered gifts. We offer personalized embroidered gifts for almost everyone on your list.
How she finds balance:: I actually currently work part-time teaching and run my embroidery business. Balancing can be a major issue. I work really hard to get my orders out by dinner time (about 6 p.m.) so that I can spend family time with my husband and sons at night. I try hard to stay focused and not let emailing and computer time distract me from getting orders out.
Her best advice:: Networking is a must. I enjoy networking with other moms to see what is working for them. It also helps to get your business out there by networking with other moms.
Save Now:: mmt15 gives 15% off all items!

What they are giving away:: Cuddlers Christmas Stocking. These precious Christmas stockings are great for any age child. The measure 14 inches and come with a cute musical ornament attached. The ornament plays "Jingle Bells". There are three choices for the ornament: Toby the polar bear, Blake the penquin or Rigely the reindeer. You may have the stocking personalized in your choice of lettering and color at no additional charge.
Play and win:: Are there products that you would like to see added to

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Kreative Kids Fun Mail

Who:: Barbie Berry @ Kreative Kids Fun Mail
Business Established:: August 2007
What they do:: Our unique Personalized Santa letters are a great gift before Christmas! Each letter contains a personalized letter tailored to each child. We are also offering the newly designed Tooth Fairy package, handmade hair clips for Christmas and headbands!
How she finds balance:: This business allows me to focus on my family throughout the day. I can check emails and respond during the baby's nap time. I do most of my work after the kids go to bed.
Her best advice:: You control your business do not let your business control you:)
Save Now:: B2G1F - Buy 2 Santa packages Get one Free - Must email Barbie before ordering!
What they are giving away:: A Basic Package
Play and win:: How many different letterheads does Kreative Kids Fun Mail carry?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post
here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Let's Go Strolling

Who:: Let’s Go Strolling
Business Established:: Almost 5 years ago
What they do:: At Let’s Go Strolling our mission is to combine outstanding customer service with the best selection of high-quality strollers, designer diaper bags, new baby gifts and new mom products to make your shopping experience both easy and fun, so you can buy the best products to fit your lifestyle. We aim to always exceed your expectations with our product selection, product knowledge and responsive service.
How she finds balance:: It's never in balance! I once read this great quote about there isn't balance there are chapters. Some chapters are more about work but then things slow down and you might have a more family-centered chapter or a couple-centered chapter. I think the chapters aren't always that long but that is more how I think about things. Everything gets it time but not necessarily at the same time always.
Her best advice:: I have learned manageable growth is the key. Just because you can grow quickly doesn't mean it is the right plan for your life.
Save Now:: LGS10 for $10 off orders of $100 or more.
What they are giving away:: $25 gift certificate
Play and win:: What product from Let’s Go Strolling do you think is the perfect baby shower gift for $35 or less?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post
here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: JES Graphics

Who:: Jana Schweiss @ JES Graphics
Business Established:: 2009
What they do:: Creating impressionable graphics for your marketing and business needs. From Ad design and brochures to web graphics, illustrations and Holiday Cards! Creative. Unique. Impressionable.
How she finds balance:: I always take care of my family first, and designate a time for everything business. That way the family knows when mom is working.
Her best advice:: Have your priorities in order. Work hard.
What they are giving away:: Your choice of a logo design, ad design or business card design.
Play and win:: Do you have a design frustration or difficulty finding someone to design exactly what you have in mind? If so, what is your specific issue?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post
here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Lady Infant and Lord Toddler

Who:: Christina DeLuca @ Lady Infant and Lord Toddler

Business Established:: September 2008
What they do:: Lady Infant and Lord Toddler specializes in quality fashion for children, unique baby gifts, educational items, everyday must have’s and great customer service.
How she finds balance:: Family is absolute priority. I devote a significant amount of time each day to my business pursuits making sure to schedule enough flexibility (and portability) to manage personal commitments as planned or as may arise spontaneously. Personal obligations will always supersede my business activities which makes for some very late nights after my husband and my daughter have gone to sleep. Establishing a harmonious relationship between personal and business activities is difficult, but maintaining clear priorities (and being able to survive on very little sleep) allows this balance to be mutually beneficial. The realization is that my fiercely independent spirit is driving my business to rapidly expand and I will soon be dependent on additional help to continue this growth.
Her best advice:: Believe! You will endure struggles before you reap rewards. Embrace the support of those who will you to succeed and draw strength from others who persist in the face of failures. Build on each day as you build a durable foundation for your future aspirations. Look to the past to help guide you on a path wrought with many forked roads. Be passionate. You will waiver, but do not submit to failure. My husband often tells me that I remind him of the Weebles from his youth, you know,’…the ones that wobble but don’t fall down.’ Believe!
Save Now:: Enter code: marketmommy for free shipping on orders over $50. {Offer ends Nov. 22}
What they are giving away:: Shopping cart/Highchair cover in any fabric print {excluding Minky & Bamboo material}
Play and win:: Sign up for the Lady Infant Lord Toddler newsletter or follow them on twitter @LadyInfant and leave a comment here letting us know you did so. They have monthly contests of their own!!

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Heavenly Flower

Who:: Leilani Cleveland Deveau @ Heavenly Flower
Business Established:: 2002
What they do:: I design jewelry using mostly semi-precious gemstones. The pieces are inspired by the many facets of my life. I also do custom work by request. I really enjoy custom pieces that help convey a message or feeling for the owner. The metaphysical properties of gemstones have always fascinated me and this is conveyed in the pieces I create.
How she finds balance:: I find that my business is a true passion of mine, so my family life and work goes hand in hand. My children are such an inspiration. I do find I have to be really organized and sometimes plan weeks ahead the tasks and goals I want to hit. That way, if my girls (ages 7 months and 25 months) have a cranky evening and they need my undivided attention, I don't feel behind. I've also had to accept the fact that my business will grow at a more slower rate than probably my ambition would like to accept! But it's worth it. Recently I made myself a workspace in the laundry room that includes a play area. So while the girls play, I can get laundry done and say, package up jewelry to ship all at the same time! That's the kind of multi-tasking that's smart and keeps me sane!
Her best advice:: For other mom entrepreneurs I say don't be afraid to take risks, yet don't feel guilty if you need to turn down work once in awhile. When my husband and I decided to start a family, it was an absolute must that I stay home with the kids (and lucky for me, we are both entrepreneurs so my husband gets to stay at home, too!). So I do what I can and make no apologies about it. I would rather work smarter & more efficient than to take too much on and be sloppy about it.
Save Now:: Enter code: MARKETMOMMY for a free pair of handmade artisan earrings with every purchase. This code will not expire - use at anytime. I always offer free shipping worldwide as well.
What they are giving away:: $50 gift certificate AND 5 $10 gift certificates to Heavenly Flower!
Play and win:: What is your favorite product from Heavenly Flower?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post
here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Cherished Voices

Who:: Heather Hultgren @ Cherished Voices
Business Established:: July 2008
What they do:: Bedtime stories by you... when you can't be there. Recorded CD's and MP3's of you reading your child a bedtime story. So many parents and grandparents can't always be with their child due to challenges such as travel, illness, divorce, and deployment. Cherished Voices has a large variety of famed children's books to choose from, such as "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. All of our books focus on how special your child is and are the perfect family keepsake. You can even add a personalized touch by telling them stories about your own childhood memories.
How she finds balance:: A balance through prioritizing work that needs to be done... and working late at night so my children have my attention during the day.
Her best advice:: My advice for other mom business owners would be to always make sure your children come first, even when the going gets tough. They are the reason for our hard work.
Save Now:: Email us at to receive your code for a special 15% off. For Market Mommy customers only.
What they are giving away:: Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark
Play and win:: How did you hear about Market Mommy?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post
here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Pockets of Dreams

Who:: Tammy Von Horn at Pockets of Dreams

Business Established:: December 2006
What they do:: Pockets of Dreams creates multiplied blessings for our little girls and for the world’s poor. Your purchase helps and African seamstress build her own sewing business, ending the cycle of poverty, while providing clothes for girls throughout Africa.
How she finds balance:: Any time my husband or my children want to play, I play. Nothing is more important. I do my day job during the day and my fun job at night and the weekends but an opportunity trumps both.
Her best advice:: Remember why you started - remember the excitement and the passion, especially in those moments when it would be much easier to just give up on your dream and live a mundane, safe life.
Save Now:: Use code MommiesRule for 10% off your entire purchase!
What they are giving away:: A precious little girl’s purse – fully lined, zipper closed with the signature Pea pod
Play and win:: Why girls?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

HBP:: Announcements Galore

Who:: Dawn @ Announcements Galore
Business Established:: 2007
What they do:: Custom photo cards, collages and magnets for any occasion! We offer great, personalized designs and top-notch customer service. Also, custom orders are done at no extra charge!
How she finds balance:: I have very limited, uninterrupted time with my kids. So, when they are awake they are my focus. The majority of my work is done late in the evenings after they are asleep.
Her best advice:: Don’t ever give up, be persistent!
Save Now:: Get FREE shipping on any order with code FREESHIP {all holiday designs are currently on sale too!}
What they are giving away:: $35 gift certificate to Announcements Galore.
Play and win:: Which is your favorite holiday card design?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!

Holiday Blog Party:: The Official Post!

Welcome to the Holiday Blog Party at Market Mommy:: The Blog! We are so happy that you have stopped by! This week is going to be a TON of fun, so I encourage you to stick around. You will meet some great mom entrepreneurs, hopefully learn a little something from them, and have a chance to win their great products! This week's blog party is another way to find some great holiday gifts for all those on your list! If you haven't visited our Holiday Gift Guide at Market Mommy, go on over. There are some FABULOUS gift ideas there too! And, of course all from great mom entrepreneurs!

This the official party post, and referred to in all future party posts as such :-D. You MUST, and I repeat MUST, leave a comment here to be registered for any prize. Every comment on any post after this is just extra credit. We’ve got 13 great prizes to give away {see the list below}!! This is what you must include in your comment here {It is a party after all, let’s get social!}::

1. First name {introduce yourself!}
2. Link to your blog or business if applicable {this is a free, bonus way to promote yourself, make sure you take advantage of it!!}
3. In order of preference, your top 3 picks for prizes {prizes are listed below}
4. Tell us either why you are attending the party, or what you enjoy most about Market Mommy.

There will be more chances to register all week by commenting on the individual business features. So, stay tuned for some great stuff. The Party will officially end on Saturday, November 21 at 11:59 p.m. EST.
Extra Credit on this post:: You can get an extra entry {one each per day} by tweeting, facebooking or blogging about the Holiday Day Blog Party. Extra credit is also available if you follow this blog, become a fan on Facebook, grab our button or sign up for our newsletter. Just be sure to leave an extra comment on this post with a link showing us you did so, and always leave a way to contact you! There will also be extra credit opportunities tagged on to each post this week. So, be sure to check them ALL out for details!


A couple of friendly reminders.....

Hurry!! Contest ends soon!!

You may remember that we announced a little contest a couple of weeks ago to increase our subscribers, fans and followers..... Thanks to all of you who are participating! There is a small window of time left, so keep referring your friends to Market Mommy! The contest ends this Sunday night. All of the details can be found in the original post here.

Holiday Blog Party begins Monday!!
Our Holiday Blog Party will begin here, at The Blog, on Monday! This is not a party you want to miss! We will be giving away more than a dozen awesome prizes from great mom entrepreneurs! Check back each day for fabulous features and fun extra credit entries!!

WW:: Happy Veteran's Day!

Tuesday's Tip:: Location, location, location!

Since many of us operate our businesses out of our home, I thought a great topic to visit would be creating a great home office space. The location where we complete our work is SO important! It needs to be functional and comfortable! Good office space helps us to be effective and to keep our sanity! Here are a few key components!

  • Limited distractions! Your office probably shouldn’t be located in the center of your kitchen, or any busy room for that matter. Choose a room or location that is away from most of the home’s traffic. A spare bedroom or a basement make great options. If one of those isn’t available, you can still create an effective space by portioning off an area of a larger room.
  • Adequate work space! If you need a table top or extended desk area to assemble products or mailings, make sure you have it. Use the top of filing cabinets or bring in a spare card table if you have limited funds or space to work with.
  • Stay organized! Create a system that works for you! This goes for your hard copies and your digital copies! Keep your spreadsheets updated and in order and keep your filing cabinet the same way! Both you and your customers will appreciate it!
  • Involve the kids! Making your office kid friendly will allow you to get some work accomplished while your children are close by. Set up a small area for them, with their toy computer, some quiet toys and books that will keep them occupied while you return a few e-mails and make a phone call or two.
  • Details! Don’t forget about some of the seemingly small things. Good lighting, a comfortable chair and enough storage space are all critical elements. All of these can strongly effect your work environment!

Hope you are having a great week!

2009 Holiday Gift Guide!

We are proud to announce that our 2009 Holiday Gift Guide has been published! Click the image above to visit! There are great gift ideas for Her, Him, Baby/Toddler, Kids, Holiday Cards and Stocking Stuffers! The best part is, all the products featured are sold by mom business owners! So, you are supporting a great group of women when you shop here! Start {and finish} your holiday shopping early at Market Mommy!

Holiday Blog Party

The Holiday Blog Party at Market Mommy:: The Blog will be held November 16 - 21! Mark your calendars! We will be featuring some fabulous mom-owned companies and giving away some terrific prizes :) We have a few spots left, so if you are interested in having your business featured, e-mail us! Haven't visited one of our blog parties? Visit our archived Labor Day and Autumn parties to see how they work!

Wordless Wednesday:: Pockets of Dreams

Tammy at Pockets of Dreams recently contacted Market Mommy to great a graphic image to use in our Holiday Gift Guide and we were more than happy to do so :-) Below is what we created. Check out their site, it's really very cool.

Their motto is Dress to Bless. For every product you buy, they give a portion of the proceeds in the form of grants to seamstresses in Uganda that they've partnered with. These women run their own small sewing businesses. To extend the blessing, they also work with up and coming designers and partner with a small manufacturer in the Philippines that works with women seamstresses who work out of their homes.

The company is called "pockets" of dreams because their initial dresses all had seven pockets which stood for the seven wishes they have for girls everywhere - family, friends, health, wealth, education, opportunity, and most importantly love. How great is that?

I really think I need to start participating in Wordful Wednesdays instead of Wordless ;)
Have a great day!

Tuesday's Tip:: Hybrid Mom

Are you a Hybrid Mom? Click here to find out :)

Hybrid Mom is an online community,website and magazine for all women. They offer some great opportunities for mom entrepreneurs as well! Ways to network, newsletters, a marketplace and much more!

If you haven't declared yourself a Hybrid Mom yet, you should!

Mommy Monday:: Life Changing Water Systems

Sisters Joy Paulson and Cynthia Mariner are proud to bring Life Changing Water Systems to customers in southern California. The direct sales business was founded in Japan 34 years ago and introduced to the U.S. in 2003.

The company is in the health and wellness industry and sells a Japanese, ISO certified medical device that splits water into two parts; one being acid and one being alkaline. The alkaline water is able to heal and repair your body when you drink it because it is changed from bulk water that cannot penetrate and hydrate your cells, to water that is microclustered and can penetrate your cells to remove toxins that can make your body ill.

According to Paulson, the company has been successful because it puts people’s health first. “The kind of water we consume is critical to our well being,” she said. “We are successful because we provide a healthy and safe method for helping people heal and we take much joy and are constantly rewarded by the physical changes we see take place when people drink this water,” she added. The company has worked with people who suffer from diabetes, cancer, arthritis, chrons disease, acid reflux, high blood pressure, autism, ADHD, allergies and other ailments.

Because it is a home based business, the sisters are able to weave it into their daily lives and work around their home schedules. Paulson said it is possible to have a healthy mix of both worlds, career and family. “It's important to follow your dreams, use your creative minds, be your own boss and set your own schedule,” she added.

Paulson, like so many others, agrees that being a mom business owner is not always easy. “It can be a challenge sometimes, but never give up if what you are doing is something you can believe in and be proud of at the end of the day,” she said.

If you are in the Orange County, southern California area and would like to try some water from Life Changing Water Systems for two week period for free, contact Paulson at 714.962.4693, or Mariner at 714.965.7586 for more information. You can visit their website

'Tis the season

For the past few days I have been busy organizing and putting the finishing touches on our 2009 Holiday Gift Guide at Market Mommy. {Note:: this link will expire in just a couple days. After that, the actual guide will be found here.} I am SUPER excited for it to be published in another week. Oftentimes it is hard to compete and get your products included in various gift guides. That is why I created a guide at Market Mommy exclusively for mom entrepreneurs. And, I’m happy to say that we had a great response, and no mom business owner was turned away!

So, keeping with the Holiday Gift Guide spirit, I thought I’d let you all know about a few other great gift guide opportunities that are still available for the upcoiming season. Check them out, and submit, submit, submit. But, remember to follow their requirements and read all the details first! Happy submitting!

Gifts for everyone::
· Mom Fuse
· A Cowboy’s Wife
· Our Ordinary Life
· Rockin’ Mama
· Mama Cheaps
· Through Hazel Eyes
Gifts for children and babies::
· Mission Mommy
· Baby Friendly L.A.
· Posh Little
Foodie gifts::
· My Wooden Spoon
Techie gifts::
· Tech Savvy Mama

And, don’t forget there are just a couple days left to reserve your spot in the 2009 Market Mommy Holiday Gift Guide! Click here for details! Have a fabulous fall weekend!