HBP:: Yoli

Who:: Erin Klink @ Yoli
Business Established:: November 3, 2009

What they do:: Yoli is a new nutritous blast cap. It contains a your daily servings of fruits and vegetables, Vitamin C, Probiotics, and more.
How she finds balance:: I have 4 small kids, so I work little bits and pieces every day. I work during their nap times and after they go to bed. I also make a point to make 1-2 phone calls every hour on my business. After the phone calls, then I take time to play with the kids.
Her best advice:: Work consistently on your business every day.
What they are giving away:: Yoli reusable bottle and 2 Yoli Blast Caps
Play and win:: Why is the Yoli Blast Cap freeze dried?

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