HBP:: Cherished Voices

Who:: Heather Hultgren @ Cherished Voices
Business Established:: July 2008
What they do:: Bedtime stories by you... when you can't be there. Recorded CD's and MP3's of you reading your child a bedtime story. So many parents and grandparents can't always be with their child due to challenges such as travel, illness, divorce, and deployment. Cherished Voices has a large variety of famed children's books to choose from, such as "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. All of our books focus on how special your child is and are the perfect family keepsake. You can even add a personalized touch by telling them stories about your own childhood memories.
How she finds balance:: A balance through prioritizing work that needs to be done... and working late at night so my children have my attention during the day.
Her best advice:: My advice for other mom business owners would be to always make sure your children come first, even when the going gets tough. They are the reason for our hard work.
Save Now:: Email us at info@cherishedvoices.com to receive your code for a special 15% off. For Market Mommy customers only.
What they are giving away:: Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark
Play and win:: How did you hear about Market Mommy?

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Taty said...

I heard about Market Mommy from my sister.

angela said...

I saw the ad in the Lower Mainland Childrens Guide that I also advertise in.
Then I saw something online and visited the site

thesehappydays said...

I heard from my friend Angela - she tweeted about Market Mommy and I checked it out!