HBP:: Lady Infant and Lord Toddler

Who:: Christina DeLuca @ Lady Infant and Lord Toddler

Business Established:: September 2008
What they do:: Lady Infant and Lord Toddler specializes in quality fashion for children, unique baby gifts, educational items, everyday must have’s and great customer service.
How she finds balance:: Family is absolute priority. I devote a significant amount of time each day to my business pursuits making sure to schedule enough flexibility (and portability) to manage personal commitments as planned or as may arise spontaneously. Personal obligations will always supersede my business activities which makes for some very late nights after my husband and my daughter have gone to sleep. Establishing a harmonious relationship between personal and business activities is difficult, but maintaining clear priorities (and being able to survive on very little sleep) allows this balance to be mutually beneficial. The realization is that my fiercely independent spirit is driving my business to rapidly expand and I will soon be dependent on additional help to continue this growth.
Her best advice:: Believe! You will endure struggles before you reap rewards. Embrace the support of those who will you to succeed and draw strength from others who persist in the face of failures. Build on each day as you build a durable foundation for your future aspirations. Look to the past to help guide you on a path wrought with many forked roads. Be passionate. You will waiver, but do not submit to failure. My husband often tells me that I remind him of the Weebles from his youth, you know,’…the ones that wobble but don’t fall down.’ Believe!
Save Now:: Enter code: marketmommy for free shipping on orders over $50. {Offer ends Nov. 22}
What they are giving away:: Shopping cart/Highchair cover in any fabric print {excluding Minky & Bamboo material}
Play and win:: Sign up for the Lady Infant Lord Toddler newsletter or follow them on twitter @LadyInfant and leave a comment here letting us know you did so. They have monthly contests of their own!!

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!


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