HBP:: Heavenly Flower

Who:: Leilani Cleveland Deveau @ Heavenly Flower
Business Established:: 2002
What they do:: I design jewelry using mostly semi-precious gemstones. The pieces are inspired by the many facets of my life. I also do custom work by request. I really enjoy custom pieces that help convey a message or feeling for the owner. The metaphysical properties of gemstones have always fascinated me and this is conveyed in the pieces I create.
How she finds balance:: I find that my business is a true passion of mine, so my family life and work goes hand in hand. My children are such an inspiration. I do find I have to be really organized and sometimes plan weeks ahead the tasks and goals I want to hit. That way, if my girls (ages 7 months and 25 months) have a cranky evening and they need my undivided attention, I don't feel behind. I've also had to accept the fact that my business will grow at a more slower rate than probably my ambition would like to accept! But it's worth it. Recently I made myself a workspace in the laundry room that includes a play area. So while the girls play, I can get laundry done and say, package up jewelry to ship all at the same time! That's the kind of multi-tasking that's smart and keeps me sane!
Her best advice:: For other mom entrepreneurs I say don't be afraid to take risks, yet don't feel guilty if you need to turn down work once in awhile. When my husband and I decided to start a family, it was an absolute must that I stay home with the kids (and lucky for me, we are both entrepreneurs so my husband gets to stay at home, too!). So I do what I can and make no apologies about it. I would rather work smarter & more efficient than to take too much on and be sloppy about it.
Save Now:: Enter code: MARKETMOMMY for a free pair of handmade artisan earrings with every purchase. This code will not expire - use at anytime. I always offer free shipping worldwide as well.
What they are giving away:: $50 gift certificate AND 5 $10 gift certificates to Heavenly Flower!
Play and win:: What is your favorite product from Heavenly Flower?

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Taty said...

Love everything! great fire agathe earings on your post and the BRACELET - Earthy Funky Hematite with Dalmatian Jasper and Lemon Jade is gorgeous!

Leilani said...

Thank you so much for the great feature! Best of luck all!

angela said...

I really like the beaded rings