HBP: Prego Planner

Who:: Heather Patterson @ Braelyn Bounty Bug
Business Established:: December 2006

What they do:: Braelyn Bounty Bug is an innovative maternity and baby essentials design company. In touch with the needs of today's mother, the Company's award-winning Prego Planner is a fun and fashionably functional pregnancy organizer. The only one of it's kind, the Prego Planner gives moms-to-be the ability to arrange and rearrange their own pregnancy planner. The expectant mother can take out pages she doesn't need and move pages where she wants them to go. A three-ring binder comes beautifully decorated with pre-printed pages for all the planning pregnancy requires. Among many other unique features, the mom-to-be can also purchase refill pages if she has the need for them.

Another innovative product by Braelyn Bounty Bug is the Tot Tag. Also known as the "ultimate diaper bag tag", the Tot Tag is available in three great designs complete with a diaper bag checklist on the back and a concealed identification area. The purpose of the concealed identification area is so the family's contact information is no visible during everyday use for all to see, but if the bag were lost of misplaced, the contact information could easily be found.
How she finds balance:: Though finding balance is a constant struggle (especially with my youngest home with me at all times), I have found it to be much easier balancing family life with work when I take the following steps:

  • Follow the same consistent routine each day so my children know what to expect \
  • Get up before my children and exercise
  • Get showered and dressed before my children wake up
  • Coffee, coffee and more coffee
  • Only volunteer at my child's pre-school when it is feasible and not when I feel pressured to do so
  • If my children are at home, I give them a full 1 - 2 hours of "mommy time" in the morning before I dig into my work.
  • ALWAYS say "yes" to snuggling when I am asked to
  • Designate every Tuesday night as my "at home date night" with my husband. Work is off limits and we turn the television off, have a good glass of wine, talk about our day and the dreams that we still have.
  • Give up what is not essential
  • Enlist the help of my husband - I am an extremely blessed woman with an amazing husband that supports me beyond words. He desires to see me and my company succeed and he goes out of his way to help. If my workload is unusually heavy, he will go to work early so he can take off early to come home and watch our children while I work. If the need be, he will make their dinners, give them play time and tuck them safely in bed.
    Summary: I always put my family first. That may mean that I'm working until 1:00 am, but putting my family first is something I will never regret.

Her best advice:: Networking, networking and networking! Networking and relationships are vital to you and your business. Also, create your "big picture" to-do list in an Excel sheet and put a deadline date next to each task. Open the to-do list daily. Setting actual deadlines for yourself will encourage you to get the task completed instead of procrastinating.
Save Now:: Receive a FREE Tot Tag with the purchase of any Prego Planner by using the code "MARKETMOMMY" in the Gift Message area of the order form. Please be sure to note the preferred style of Tag. Offer valid through December 31, 2009.
What they are giving away:: Prego Planner
Play and win:: What charity is Braelyn Bounty Bug raising money for during the Month of November? (Note: Donate and get registered to win amazing products such as a BabyLegs gift certificate, an all-weather WooBee Blanket, a $200 photo session and more.)

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!


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