A New Mom Takes on Direct Selling

Rebecca Goller had her first baby at the end of December and started as a lia sophia advisor at the beginning of March, a short two months later. She’s not the typical stay at home, work at home mom. She has a full-time job outside of the home as a school teacher.

So, why would someone start a direct selling business on the side at such a busy time in her life? “I became a lia sophia advisor because I truly loved so many pieces of their collection and decided that if I wanted the whole line, I might as well be making some money while getting it,” she said.

Goller said she has many goals for herself and her business. “First and foremost I want women, just like me, to get excited about the cute and trendy jewelry lia sophia has to offer,” she said. But, she also has financial goals. “I make a goal each month for how many shows I want to have and subsequently how much money I want to make and put in a college savings account for my son Lucas.”

She is not immune to the many challenges working moms face and has already found herself struggling a bit with being able to balance quality time for family and her business. Her strategy has been to work a little bit almost every day so that she doesn’t get behind. “I just don’t have the luxury of spending a three or four hour block of time working one evening if I don’t keep ahead of the game,” she said.

But, even with the challenges, Goller sees her business as a stress reliever as well. “This business is a stress reliever for me because I truly enjoy introducing the line to women who want trendy jewelry to complete their wardrobes!”

So far, she is very happy with her choice to join the lia sophia team. “I chose lia sophia because I love their jewelry and they are very fair to their advisors,” she said. According to Goller, the start-up kit is only $149 and they give advisors 30 percent of the profit sales from each show.

Goller is located in the Columbus, Ohio area. If you are interested in hosting a lia sophia jewelry party, or would like more information about the company, you can contact her via her website or at 614.578.1180.

**A fun note:: Goller will be presenting a jewelry party for Market Mommy in July. We’ll be posting more pictures and details then. And, we will be shipping some orders, so if you’d like to try some lia sophia jewelry for yourself keep an eye on Market Mommy for details!**


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