Mommy Monday:: My Embroidered Gifts


Debra Killen has been doing embroidery for friends and family for nearly ten years. After she realized how much she enjoyed it, she started her own business in 2002. features personalized gifts and custom embroidery. They specialize in quality baby gifts that make wonderful keepsakes.

Like most mom entrepreneurs, Killen admits that balancing family and business is usually a tightrope walk. She teaches school during the day, which makes it even more difficult. “I try to come straight home and work for a few hours before dinner,” she said. She then takes a break, has dinner and spends time with her family until her son’s bedtime. “If I need to work more, I go back to my sewing room and work after he goes to bed.” She also said that she does work on Saturdays when she needs to catch up.
Killen said she really loves what she does and encourages other aspiring mom entrepreneurs to find something they truly love as well. As she was growing up, her mom and grandmothers were teaching her to sew. “My mom bought an embroidery machine and introduced me to machine imbroidery,” Killen said.

“I also have a minor in computer science so I love combining embroidery with running a website,” she said. Killen also recommends reading things written by other mom entprereneurs and doing all you can to learn from them. “I am always looking for things written by other moms to see what they are doing that works.”

Lastly, she said, “be confident!” Confidence is definiltely a recurring theme for successful mom business owners. My Embroidered Gifts can be found on Twitter too!


Unknown said...

Whow!!!! Now THAT is love and dedication!
A lit of love went into that cake! Awesome job!

Unknown said...

sorry wrong spot!

Living Your Moment said...

Love Debra! She is so great to work with!I'm glad you got to feature her on your site!