Mommy Monday:: Casart Coverings Creates, Rolls and Slipcovers at the Same Time


Casart Coverings, llc launched in January 2009, right at the height of the economic downturn and are proud to say that they have survived and are growing!

Ashley Spencer, senior partner along with her sister, Lindsey Wood and her mother, Lorre Lei Jackson launched the female-run, family-owned eCommerce business in an attempt to revolutionize the idea of traditional wallpaper.

“We offer Casart® = art for your home, which are originally hand-painted decorative finishes and murals that have been printed onto wall coverings that are repositionable, removable and even reusable – slipcovers for your walls!” said Spencer.

All designs can be customized to personal color choices and a variety of sizes; you can even upload your own photo or image. “This is perfect for a child’s room that is ever changing or a birthday party theme,” added Spencer. In addition, there is no messy paste or fear of commitment. Coverings can be easily cleaned and removed, stored and reused. They are made of a high-grade vinyl that will withstand the test of time.

Spencer has two older children, in college and graduating from high school. Wood serves as the company’s marketing coordinator and is also the mother of two small children. Spencer said the family is still learning how to balance the company with their family. “A lot of work goes into the creative and administrative side of operating, managing, and marketing a fairly new business, particularly in tough economic times,” she said. The company has hired some interns to lighten the work load and conduct a lot of business via e-mail and Skype. “We try to not let work intrude on our weekends, reserving this primarily for important family time,” Spencer said.

Spencer is not new to the entrepreneurial world. She has owned her own illustration business since 1988 and has been doing decorative painting since 1995. She suggests going into business with partners, if you can. “I never could have managed Casart coverings alone,” she said.

Because of her experience as a business owner, she has a lot of good advice for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. “Operating a business will take more time than you think. It will take a lot of work and persistence. Do your research from start up costs to logistics and production, etc. Formulate a business, marketing and organizational plan in the process and learn as much as you can about your industry,” Spencer said.

“Learn to maintain equanimity and a positive attitude. Be tenacious, persevere, and follow your dream,” she concluded.

Casart coverings can be found online, on their blog, on facebook, on twitter and on LinkedIn. Check them out today!


Lo said...

I just returned from 2 weeks in Tunisia so a little late commenting. As senior mom/partner in Casart Coverings, my role can be cheerleader, coach, devil's advocate, and yes, sometimes moderator/referee because your children are always your children, no matter their age!