Mommy Monday:: Blooming Bods


Blooming Bods was founded in 2009 by Claudia Fileto and offers only the very best quality and functional products for maternity, baby, and child. According to Fileto, all of the company’s products are parent chosen and endorsed as an effort to save parents time and money.

One of the challenges that all mom business owners face is balancing work and family. “This is something that is constantly a challenge,” said Fileto. “I do my best to set schedules for the business and family time.”

However, flexibility plays a role, too. “I have learned to be flexible and to not be too hard on myself,” Fileto added. “I understand that life happens.”

Like many business owners, Fileto agrees that you must be passionate about what you do. “Always do what you are most passionate about, it will be more rewarding for you as a person as well as your business,” she said. “Never lose focus on the big picture of why you are doing what you are doing.”

In addition to their website, Blooming Bods can be found on Facebook and Twitter.


Scarlet of Moms Wear Your Tees said...

Balancing is an issue for me too! Always hard to find enough time. Passion is a must for all entrepreneurs or it will fizzle out quickly. I would love to be a featured mommy entrepreneur here. Great series. Thanks,