Mommy Monday:: ZoBella


Jen Boog is the owner ZoBella Designs, a relatively new business that was started in August of last year. Boog encourages others to visit ZoBella and “Decorate Your Personality!”

ZoBella’s products include can koozies, wine bottle covers as well as an assortment of little girl hair accessories. The can koozie's are decorated with fabric, ribbon, faux fur, faux rhinestones, etc. The products add a little glitz and glam to your canned beverage!

These can also be custom ordered for a bachelorette party, tailgating, birthday party, or whatever your next big celebration may be.

The wine bottle covers are just a fun way to add a little personality to a bottle of wine when you are entertaining or just enjoying the wine at home by yourself. These also make great hostess gifts. The wine bottle covers are a fun way to decorate a bland, everyday bottle of wine.

She also makes hair accessories. “I started making girls hair accessories because I was having a really hard time finding cute barrettes that would stay in my girls' hair,” Boog said.

Boog shares many mom entrepreneurs’ sentiment when she said she faces challenges. “I think that it is very challenging trying to balance family life as well as trying to get my business up and running,” she said. “It is very hard to find time during the day to devote my energy and time to my passion. I will steal a few minutes here and there throughout the day and quickly try to get a barrette done or something like that. I enjoy making crafts and being creative so it is definitely something that I love and am very passionate about.”

She said that she has a small table for her girls set up beside her work table so that they can color and play, while still being close to mom. Her girls are ages 4 and 2, so they of course require a lot of mommy’s attention during the day. “I’m not able to spend as much time and energy on my business as I would like to, but that’s ok,” she said. “Some days I just get more done than others and I am fine with that!”

Although she knows it is hard sometimes, she encourages other aspiring entrepreneurs not to give up. “If you can dream it, you can do it,” she concluded.