Extravaganza Guest Blogger:: Stacey Kannenberg

Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten!

Practice will make for a great first day of school:

Visit Now
Visit your school during spring or summer session and visit the Kindergarten classrooms and teachers with your child to build relationships at school before school starts in fall.

Share Stories
Play on the playground along with your child and share your memories from Kindergarten. Did you play on similar monkey bars or slide? Did you drop your tray during lunch? Share those stories and memories with your child to build relatable moments.

Be Involved - Stop, Drop & Listen
The easiest way to be involved parent is to STOP, DROP & LISTEN to your child everyday. Ask open ended questions to get your child to share daily. These conversations build strong communication skills, vocabulary and will set the foundation for strong child/parent relationships. Sadly, Kindergarten teachers share the heart-broken facts that many kids come to school without the ability to hold a conversation and can only answer in a “yes” or “no” manner. Holding daily conversations with your child will only contribute to future success.

Build a strong network at home and school
The key to a child’s success in school is directly related to parental involvement in school and extracurricular activities. I believe that it is the job of the parent to build a network of support for their kids at home and school. If you want your child to have friends at school, help them build a network. Start networking at the park, zoo, church, library, school events, community activities, PTA and school board meetings as a family to help build a base of friends for the entire family.

Make what they will need to know fun
• Let’s count how many blue cars we see on the way to the grocery store or how many bubbles we can blow, working on counting skills.
• Let’s name colors and shapes in our world while driving or exploring inside our house, working on colors and shapes.
• Let’s scramble all the alphabet letters and numbers 0-10 inside a hat and name them as we pull them out, working on knowing our alphabet and numbers.
• Let’s sort the coins by penny, nickel, dime and quarter, working on knowing our coins and counting objects to 10 or how many we have of each coin.
• Let’s see how far we can count to 100 together while we are waiting for the tub to fill up, working on counting to 100.

Skills that will be required to be mastered in Kindergarten
• Counting objects to 30.
• Count to 100.
• Basic shapes, colors and coins.
• Identify the alphabet out of order.
• Identify the numbers out of order to 30.

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