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Update Your Growing Child's Room With Style

Kids grow up fast, and their tastes change just as quickly. Designing a kid’s room can be hard. One day they might like horses, the next princesses. The one sure thing with kids is that they’ll change, and they’ll want their room to change with them.

That’s where Casart Coverings comes in. Our coverings are easy to put up, movable and removable. All with no leftover mess on the walls, making it easy for a busy mom to keep up with their kid’s preferences. Choose from decorative finishes, patterns, and borders that are customizable for you, and leave room for last-minute changes.

Everyone likes their room to be a little bit special, and kids are no exception. That’s why we have our t3 line: tots, tweens and teens. These are a collection of borders and wall-art in kid-friendly designs. There are balloons, butterflies, knights and princesses. They give a kid’s room that special touch of customization you can’t easily find or do on your own. It’s like having a hand-painted mural on the wall for a fraction of the cost of being painted on site that you’ll never have to worry about painting over because it is removable. Use our coverings for an exciting accent wall and save both money and time. Just remove or change it out when you grow tired of the décor. No worries at all, with no mess or damage to your walls. You can even match to paint colors and customize sizes as well as upload your own photos.

Everyone reaches that age eventually when princesses and balloons no longer fit on the walls, but with removable coverings you can be prepared. Casart offers various colors of wall finishes, and some specialized architectural elements for an added air of sophistication. Every young teenager likes to feel grown up, and what better way to let them then to customize their walls and furniture, without having to worry about them changing their minds all the time.

Kids know when they’ve outgrown their room décor, and with Casart Coverings you can keep up with their taste without a lot of work, and without breaking the bank With the t3 line you can take a room from toddler through elementary school and beyond, and keep both kids and mommy happy.

~ The casart crew!
Including help from our summer intern, Christine Haley!

Casart™ coverings began in the summer of 2008 as a product line of printed decorative finishes and murals from the artwork of C. Ashley Spencer with support from her partners, Lindsey Wood (sister/Denver), and Lorre Lei Jackson (mother/New Orleans). We are a family-run and female-owned business. We offer hand painted decorative finishes and murals reproduced onto wall coverings that are repositionable, reusable, and removable. Revolutionizing the concept of traditional wallpaper. Hand painted decorative finishes, murals, patterns, and unique photos, all customizable.
Pictured at right are Casart founders C. Ashley Spencer, Lorre Lei Jackson and Lindsey A. Wood.

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