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Is 3am the only time to build the business?

Once I became a mom, I realized there is no more alone time. Yes, the kids do sleep and nap during the day, but I still am not free to just up and leave whenever I want. Although, I am tied down to my house while they are upstairs, my kids are my entire world and I know everything about them from how exactly they fall asleep to where I am to place their food on the plate during meals.

My mom radar perks up when I know that my daughter is about to have a melt down or when my son is about to scream because he thinks he is starving. This aspect of being a mom is something that I would not change for the world, but, with all this mommy time, when do I have time to be a woman, an adult who can provide some extra money for her family!

In the past year, I have experienced many new and exciting ventures that I would have never had if I wasn't a mom: my daughter started talking, my son was born and I started a business,
Living My MoMent, based on what I thought mom entrepreneurs needed. The premise of my business is to help MoMs (and now DaDs ) who run their own businesses get free advertising in what is a difficult time for our country, economically.

With well over 500 companies listed, my website has grown exponentially in the last year and I have added many new features to help promote other businesses, like Product Reviews, Giveaways and Paid Advertising including prime real estate for a banner ad or button ad, a personal interview, ability to share a guest blog, and the use of my
Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Page to promote sales and news.

Yes, I have had a very exciting year and there are always new things on the horizon. For example, right now
The Work At Home Woman and Living My MoMent are hosting the 2010 Summer Blog Tour where we are featuring 60 different blogs over the course of the summer. We are also collaborating on other projects that could be huge for the Direct Sales Moms out there!

All of these ideas are great and I welcome them on a daily business, but honestly, there are some times during the day, I have sneak away to my computer when my kids are playing to answer a few emails or tweet out a contest. Then there are some days, when I don't even get that luxury because I have a child hanging on me from the time we get up til the time they go to bed. I do, in fact, cherish the days when I get 3 solid hours during nap time and then solitude again at bed time to work on whatever I want. That is, if I don't get distracted by the tv, have to clean the house or actually spend time with my husband (who always works a ton of hours).

Really, the only time I have to build my business at this time in my life is at 3am. And right now, I need my sleep to keep up with the little ones during the day. At the present time, I fit the business into my schedule but I know that I am doing the best I can for my clients. I am able to take care of my children and be passionate about Living My MoMent at the same time! Watch out world, when my kids are in school 6 hours a day and I have the ability to take on my business without distractions, it's gonna be huge!!!

Abbey Fatica, Living My MoMent


always B designs said...

Girl, you crack me up! :) You're such a hard worker and a great friend... oh, and a great mom too!

Abbey said...

Thanks I'm always here to lighten the mood! When I wrote this post they were both actually napping. Not so much anymore especially with a teething baby. I know have even less time to work. 3am is starting to look really good right now.