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I recently came across this quote from Oprah and it has become one of my favorites - "Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."

In early 2008, a year after launching Ficklets, I experienced a life changing, tragic event. My older sister and mentor, battling cancer at the time, came to live with me while she underwent a second round of chemotherapy.

Unmarried with no children, she relied heavily on siblings to help care for her. I soon discovered after a couple weeks that caring for her required around the clock care. To do this I decided to take hiatus from building the business to devote all my time and energy on her. The next several months became the most challenging and difficult times in my life, and put me on a path of spiritual journey and self-discovery.

Unfortunately, my sister lost her battle with cancer several months later. I was devastated, felt the deepest sadness and was immensely discouraged and unmotivated about business. Having lost the momentum, I questioned if I could continue building Ficklets.

With much surprise, just when I thought I was letting go of the dream, we received a couple of online orders and an uplifting email from a potential customer expressing excitement at her discovery of Ficklets. This was enough to reignite the dream, enthusiasm and belief to forge ahead with Ficklets.

Since then I have become an avid “inspirational seeker” and have made it a ritual to read positive, life affirming writings, surround myself with uplifting people and learn from heart-centered entrepreneurs.

These are just a couple of my favorite sites and people I follow that I turn to for those nuggets of inspiration:

http://www.daymondjohns.com/ – blog
• Kim Lavine on twitter - @MommyMillionair
• Shara Lawerence-Weiss on twitter - @MommyPerks

I dedicate this post to my sister Annie, my first female role model and mentor. She was intelligent, generous, kind and a girly-girl at heart (she loved high heels and large dangle earrings). She instilled in me I was beautiful and can do anything.

I miss her desperately, but grateful, honored and humbled she asked me to care for her on her last days here on earth. The journey taught me so much, but the life lesson that lives strong in my heart and mind – support, serve and love.

Ros Guerrero is the founder and inventor of Ficklets, eyewear charm huggers.


Shara: Mommy Perks said...

Very moving, Ros. We have so much in common, you know. In 2008 my mother-in-law came to spend her last months with us. She had cancer, also, and we had Hospice here almost daily for about 4 weeks. Joan passed away in January of 2009, in our living room. It really changed my heart/mind, also. It was challenging but I don't think I'd ever change the story.

Helping someone pass over is really a journey of the soul and it made our family stronger and more grateful for our time together.

I'm so glad that "something" (or someone - wink) made sure you got that customer email...encouraging you to continue going and to realize your potential in the small business world.

We need your passion and enthusiasm 'round these parts, lady. Don't forget it!! ;-)

Thank you for mentioning Mommy Perks, also!!

Louise Sattler said...

Ros I loved your article here on and your interview with me last week on Learning and Laughter with Louise! (http://toginet.com) Your story is very compelling. You have such a great heart, full of compassion for others.

Best wishes always! Louise

Unknown said...

This post is just one more reason why I adore Ros. She makes us all strive to be better... better friends, better moms, better at everything we do.

Ros thank you for sharing your touching story of caring for your sister. I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like. But I do know that feeling when you don't think you can walk one more step or take one more breath and then something unexpectedly good happens to reignite the passion and joy in your life.

You are an inspiration to many and will conquer the world with your love, passion and dedication. So honored to call you my friend:)

WritewhereUr said...

what sets you apart from so many other entrepeneurs is your heart. Your business is about making kids feel good while wearing glasses that could otherwise make them self conscious.

Your sensitivity for others comes through in your relationships with others online. Your sister knew you better than most; I am sure that is why she chose to spend that time with you.

Commitment in life and in business is important to a person's well-being. Congratulations on your success!

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