Extravaganza Guest Blogger:: Cindy Selvaggio

You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Have you ever heard someone say “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”? You may have thought it yourself as you were contemplating your goals and dreams. What other little messages or “self talk” are repeatedly running through your mind? These thoughts may very well be holding you back from a successful business!

Self talk comes from life experiences. We consult these experiences as we make decisions. They contain the shoulds and should nots, the can’s and cant’s, as we try to live up to the expectations of people who are important to us.

Self talk originates from handed down bits of information that came from authoritative figures like parents, teachers, coaches, pastors, etc. It represents their attitudes, beliefs and opinions. Some of this information can be helpful and while others can contain negative and very limiting beliefs

Very often, our income and self image reflects those limitations. These may prove to be very expensive limits.

You may not be aware of the self talk, but it subconsciously runs in the background like a computer program. It affects every decision we make and everyone we come into contact with, including potential clients or customers.

Often, self talk will elicit a negative feeling or emotion which puts stress on the body. We may feel anger, guilt, fear or shame. We can feel those emotions in our bodies via stomachaches, backaches, headaches or migraines, heart palpitations, diarrhea or IBS, etc.

Our bodies are very electrical by nature, so when you feel these negative emotions in your body, you radiate negative vibrations which can be felt by those around you.

Have you ever been in the presence of someone that was giving off bad vibes? You sense it immediately. Engaging in a conversation with someone who is in a bad mood or pessimistic does nothing but circle the drain like garbage.

My point is, negative thoughts are not only felt inside your body, but others can pick up on it as well. No one wants to do business with someone who is emotionally circling the drain.

Did you know that it takes less than 20 seconds to line up vibrationally to whatever you are focusing on? Only 20 seconds of pure focused thought, good or bad, negative or positive makes us ripe for attracting more of that “thing” or self talk that you have been focusing on.

Keep it up and you will keep attracting more of the same. It’s no wonder why some people keep attracting more negative experiences, day in and day out. It becomes a self fulfilled prophecy

Pure and simple: Negative thoughts = negative emotions = negative energy = unfulfilled goals and dreams.

Take a moment and write down any self talk you are experiencing as it relates to your goals and dreams. What emotions surface? Where are you feeling it in your body?

What you just wrote down, could very well be holding you back if you are not as successful as you would like to be.

There is good news! Just like a computer program can be uninstalled, you too can permanently erase the self talk, re install a more positive way of thinking, raise your vibration and achieve your dreams!

One very good way to erase the self talk is through meridian tapping.

Our bodies are full of meridians or energy channels. When these channels become blocked, negative emotions surface and often you feel physical pain.

As you tap on specific acupressure points associated with these meridians, negative emotions and pain are reduced and/or eliminated. Limiting thoughts and beliefs are erased and replaced with new affirmations that can create a new reality packed with endless possibilities.

Tapping erases our mental blocks and installs our dreams. The process can be transformational and life changing.

People with dreams make things happen!

Cindy Selvaggio

Cindy became an entrepreneur at a very early age when she learned she could create things and sell them! She has been involved in health and wellness since 2001 and most recently in the energy therapy business specializing in meridian tapping.

You can connect with Cindy at: http://www.tappingheals.com/ and on Facebook!