Reach and Frequency


Our marketing tip in yesterday’s newsletter was Frequency and I thought I should elaborate on it a bit.

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Tip:: I've read research that says someone has to see your brand seven {yes 7} times before they remember it. So, what does that mean in basic terms? You need to get your brand in front of people frequently!! But how? Include your logo and information in e-mail signatures, blog, serve as an expert source for the media, have a newsletter, hand out business cards, create brochures, market your website .......... there that's 7 ;0)

The details of reach and frequency in marketing can get very complex and difficult to understand. However, the basic concept is this:: Reach is how many people you are contacting. Frequency is how often you contact those same people. Research shows that it is better to reach fewer people more frequently than more people just once.

What, do you think, are the chances of establishing a lifelong customer from just one postcard or just one e-mail? Not very likely. A very much more plausible scenario is developing a friendship with a person through several means of communication, an e-mail, a postcard, a newsletter, a positive sales experience, etc. Then, over time as the relationship strengthens, the chances that the customer will return are much higher.

My advice would be to spend your limited marketing dollars and resources on nurturing the contacts and customers you already have. Don’t try to reach too far. You can still be effective!


Teresa Schultz said...

Excellent post! Frequency is indeed important - it just makes so much sense too - from the point of view of the person receiving information or viewing information about a business, I know that I for one sometimes mean to get back to learning more, then forgetting! So a reminder is often welcome, and if I don't get reminded, there's a good chance I may be lost to that marketer forever.