ABP:: Kewt Kids

Who:: Angela @ Kewt Kids Clothing
Business Established:: March 2008, when Angela’s third child was due to be born.
What they do:: Kids Kids Clothing is all about making products that are of high-qualtity, high-style and high-function. Our products are all Handmade in Canada and made in low production batches to keep products more creative and unique. New styles, designs and fabrics are always being added to the online store. Read more about Kewt Kids Clothing here.
How she finds balance:: Balancing work and family life can always be a struggle. My husband works night shifts sometimes so after the kids have gone to bed I always try to devote those evenings to my work. Most days its a little bit of work, then a little bit of playing with kids, then a little more work, then a little cleaning, etc. The days are long and busy.
Her best advice:: My biggest advice for other businesses is to always remember why you started your company. Sometimes I have to remind myself that part of my vision was to have more time to spend with my kids. If I find myself working too much I cut back.
Save Now:: Kewt Kids Clothing is offering all Market Mommy readers a 15% discount on any purchase in their online store. Use promo code 'marketmommy' until November 1.
What they are giving away:: Set of two Kewt Bandana Bibs in winners choice of a girl or boys set. These are a bib designed especially for drool time and they sit close to the chin to catch dribbles and drools. Designed for 0-3 years.
Play and win:: What is your favorite fabric for the Kewt Bandana Bibs?

Don’t forget to visit the official party post here to register for the party and read all the rules and details!! You can earn extra credit by answering the play and win question above in a comment on THIS post!


4 Fabulous Families said...

I like the space dots the best

Cool and chill Mom! said...

pom pom dots and groovy flowers