Detours & On Ramps

Planning to go back to work? Looking for flexibility, or to shift careers? Got an idea to start your own company? Join Detours & On Ramps for a one-day event on the issues facing working moms (and dads)...great sessions, networking, and companies who care...November 4 in Annandale, VA and December 7 in Durham, NH at UNH – click here for more info.

This is a great event to attend if you are planning to go back to work in six days, six months, or even a year...if you're looking for flexibility, for career options, for resources, or for help building your own business. Detours & OnRamps is for anyone who wants to make work, work for them--not a job fair, but a day of hands-on sessions and practical advice that will get you ready to land that job.

In addition to great coferences and forums, the organization's website is a GREAT resource. There are resources and links, a newsletter and Meghan, the founder, also publishes a blog.

From their site {} ::
About the Forum
The Detours and On Ramps Forum was founded to address the needs and issues of mothers, especially those grappling with their choice to work full time, part time, or from home.
The Forum was designed to bring intelligent women together to discuss the issues facing us all - because women and the marketplace both benefit when talented, well-educated mothers can contribute both at home and at work.

Through networking with fellow working mothers, discussions with the companies leading the way in solutions for working mothers, and panels and sessions on some of the most common issues faced by mothers who elect to work outside the home, Detours and On Ramps aims to provide a forum for women to meet, examine their options, and figure out their next steps.

With career resources and expert advice offered through panel discussions, small-group sessions, and networking opportunities, the hope is that mothers will leave the Detours and On Ramps Forum feeling more in control of their choices and options - and reassured that as intelligent, educated women, their contributions still matter.

If you are in their area, I encourage you to check out one of the upcoming conference. It would be a great networking opportunity and well worth your time!