ABP:: Centric Strategies

Who:: Kristina @ Centric Strategies and Transforming the Customer Experience
Business Established:: 2007
What they do:: Transforming the customer experience and improving the connection between businesses and their customers. You can find more information by visiting www.KristinaEvey.com and www.CentricStrategies.com.
How she finds balance:: I really try to stick to a schedule of working while the kids are in school and trying to keep the after school time open for them. Of course, reality doesn’t always work that way. So, when I am with my family, I try to stay disconnected from work. I try to give them my undivided attention for blocks of time.
Her best advice:: Getting a sense of balance is important, but it is more important to recognize that the balance will always shift on a daily basis. Some days you will work more than you should, so spend more time with your family the next day.
What they are giving away:: A CD of a product in her audio series - One on One with Lisa Ford – A Customer Centric Conversation by Kristina Evey.
Play and win:: What is your favorite post in Kristina’s blog?

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