Wordy Wednesday

Yikes. I’ve really been slacking lately. I apologize that the blog has been a little less desirable to read lately! As you can imagine {and hopefully understand} I’ve been busy! Forgive me if today’s ‘catch up’ post runs a little long!

What’s been consuming my time?

Home Life
Life at home with two small children is never boring, and rarely relaxing. I am currently preparing for my daughter’s third birthday and party, so that’s exciting. I can’t believe she’s turning 3!! My son will be going to pre-school or pre-kindergarten next year :*( So, we’ve been starting that process. I can’t say it’s much fun. I am definitely not looking forward to getting them into college, pre-school is proving hard enough!

Expo Opportunity
I was contacted this week by the Columbus Women’s Living Expo 2010. The event is happening May 22 and 23 in Columbus, Ohio and it’s going to be an excellent opportunity for moms to showcase your businesses! I am planning a separate detailed post only about this opportunity, but if you’re interested, contact me now. I can get you a 10 percent discount on your space and they’re offering exclusivity for any direct sellers. Attendance is anticipated to be 6-7,000!! Terrific exposure for your products and no additional cost to sell your items at the event!

As I’ve been mentioning for the past several weeks {and months} Market Mommy is expanding in 2010! I can officially say we will be redesigning our site in the coming months to add new features, like business listings and a forum! Yay! Also, we are expanding our design and printing services. I will be posting a price list and details soon, but we can now offer you design AND printing of any item you need to further brand your business! Business cards, magnets, letterhead, envelopes, note cards, folders, banners and much, much more are now available through Market Mommy! More details will be coming soon!

Ok, that’s just a brief rundown of what I’ve been working on. More detailed information will be coming soon. Hope you all are having a fantastic week!