Mommy Monday:: Tapping Heals

Have you ever wanted to reduce the amount of pain and stress in your life? Who hasn’t? Cindy Selvaggio is the owner and founder of Tapping Heals – “Calming Your Inner Storm.” She launched her business in 2008.

According to Selvaggio, she teaches people how to use a simple technique called tapping, to reduce and eliminate negative feeling and emotions, resulting in calmness, peacefulness and a renewed sense of hope. “This technique involves tapping on specific acupressure points on the head and torso that clears the blockages in the body’s energy system which results in a major reduction of pain, stress and or toxic emotions,” she said. “It can be done in minutes and the results are usually permanent.”

Selvaggio works a full-time job at a local hospital, so she generally works with her “tapping” clients in the evenings and on weekends. She feels as though she balances those two responsibilities and her family well. “I set clear goals each day and set aside time for myself, my family and my business that I feel works very well. If at anytime I begin to feel overwhelmed, I use tapping to reduce the anxiety which helps me gain perspective and restores clarity as it relates to my priorities for that day,” she added.

Her advice to other entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners is simple. “Stay true to yourself and never let anyone steal your dreams,” she said. “If you have a passion for something and it makes you feel good, gives you a sense of hope and leaves you feeling energized, then you are in alignment with where you need to be at this point in your life. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.”

Selvaggio also complimented online networking. “Market Mommy is a great resource for networking and establishing relationships that may lead to very successful business ventures,” she said. “Continuously mastermind with other entrepreneurs like yourself as it raises your energy level and you will attract opportunities that you could have never imagined.”

In addition to the main website, Tapping Heals can also be found on Facebook. Watch the sites for details on upcoming telseminars in April in May. Selvaggio said she is planning to start monthly teleseminars to teach tapping techniques.

She is also working with two other successful women on a FREE four week teleseminar series that will begin in May. Topics will include:

· “The writings on your wall and how they are holding you back from your dreams”
· “Giving yourself permission to _____ (fail, succeed, etc)”
· “Face the Fear, Launch your Project, and Reap the Rewards”
· We will be featuring a guest speaker on this last call

“I would love to have you join us so we can learn and grow together!” she said.