Mommy Monday:: Invitation Jane


Stacie Abrahams and her sister Jodie Nahum are the creators and owners of Invitation Jane.

The online boutique offers a wide variety of custom invitations, stationery products and lots of fun and useful personalized gifts for kids and adults. They target mostly moms who are on the lookout for hip and trendy products for their young children and of course, themselves!

According to Abrahams, a love for "boutique-y" type products is their passion. “We love things that are full of bold colors and cool patterns. We adore anything personalized and things that are new and fresh, trendy and fun, sophisticated and classy,” she said.

Together, the two of them have five children ranging from ages 3 to 10 years old. “Like many other women these days, we both felt compelled to leave our corporate careers to become stay at home moms, and that's when our entrepreneurial spirits kicked in!” said Abrahams. Invitation Jane officially launched on Nov. 18, 2008.

The pair prides themselves on the efficient system they’ve developed to run their business. “As sisters and business partners, we have learned to really lean on each other,” Abrahams said. “We've developed a system that really works by splitting the responsibilities down the middle, each taking on functions that seems most natural,” she added. “This has really allowed for us both to strike a balance between our family and running our business. We do have two very supportive husbands who believe in what we are doing, and love that WE love what we do!”

Like many others, Abrahams and Nahum say it’s important to pick a business that you are passionate about. “It will make you want to succeed that much more,” they said. “Take things one day at a time, prioritize, write things down and cross them off your list as they get done. Know that what you are putting your heart and soul into is day by day, creating a better life for you and your family,” Abrahams added.

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