Where to network?

You've heard me talk about networking a lot! I truly believe it is the best {and cheapest} marketing tool out there. Personal and local networking is definitely important, but so is online and virtual networking. It's 2010 and it's become easy and quick to connect with someone across the country or even the globe.

Wikipedia has quickly become one of my favorite online resources. And, they are not lacking when it comes to social media and online networking. Check out this comprehensive list of social networking sites!
Now, of course all of these sites aren't going to be relevant to your business or your life. And, it would be exhausting and impossible to try to engage in each one. However, I highly recommend reviewing the list and seeing what some may have to offer. This list is also great because it gives the genre of the site as well as the number of registered users.

Here is a brief list of the more popular sites::

Happy networking!


Nicole Mealing said...

I love ParentsConnect!
Check them out! =)