Mommy Monday:: Ficklets


Ros Guerrero is the owner and inventor of Ficklets. What are Ficklets? They are fashionable interchangeable charm huggers for eye glasses. They are designed to adorn eyeglasses with a fun, fresh twist to help make kids, especially girls, more comfortable wearing glasses.

The concept of Ficklets was conceived in early 2006. Later that year Guerrero developed a working prototype and then launched the website and filed for a patent in April of 2007. Guerrero said she’s been actively working on the business for two years after taking hiatus for a large part of 2008 to care for her sister who was ill with terminal cancer. Recently, in September 2009, the patent was granted.
According to Guerrero, she makes a conscious effort to turn the business off for family time. “With a mentally handicapped child, it’s important that I don’t let the business overrun my time and energy, as she requires assistance for daily living needs,” she said. “To help create some semblance of balance, my husband and I work as a team in both home and business. We both share the responsibilities and pick up where the other leaves off. For me, its’ about effectively juggling responsibilities the best way I can with my family’s needs the top priority.”

Most Ficklets designs appeal to kids; however, they have recently expanded their collection to include more sophisticated styles, answering the pleas of moms wanting to add some distinct flair to their glasses. Market Mommy readers can save 20 percent on your entire purchase by using code MM at checkout!

When Guerrero speaks to other aspiring mom entrepreneurs, she tells them to dream and then take action! “Never stop growing and evolving as an individual, be a student of life with an open mind and can-do attitude, be a perpetual inspirational seeker, and always, always, be grateful for the blessings in your life,” she said.

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Nicole Mealing said...

these are adorable!
if my Kids had glasses, I'd def want some! boy themed, of course!