Recurring theme

Have you read the 61 marketing tips for entrepreneurs yet over at TPE? If not, here is me telling you again that you should. As I was reading through them, again, this morning, I noticed a very evident recurring theme. Communication!

In everyday life communication is obviously very important. But, it’s also critical when it comes to marketing yourself and your business. How you present yourself and your company can and should leave a lasting impression on potential business partners and customers. A lasting, good impression that is.

Let’s look at some of the tips given::
  • Tip #9 – Talk to everyone! Aileen McDonough of
3am Writers says to talk to everyone, not just at networking events. How true! You might meet your next customer at the post office for instance. Effective communication, in this case just simply talking to them, might land you your next sale!
  • Sarah Shaw of Entreprenette gave tip #19 – Get others to spread the word! If you can get others to talk about your business and your great products you are earning some great, free advertising!
  • #22 – Show up. Colleen Taylor of Siretona Creative said that the old-fashioned face to face communication is still effective and sometimes overlooked! So, why not pay some previous customers a visit? You just might generate you a reorder!
  • Wendy Weiss of Weiss Communications left tip #47 – The neglected marketing tool. Who picks up the phone these days? Most people send an e-mail, an instant message or a tweet. Why not pick up the telephone and have an actual conversation?
  • Over and over, in these tips and many others, the tippers suggest speaking with people. Getting to know your potential customers, building that relationship is so important. There are obviously hundreds of ways to do that. Incorporate some variety! Don’t always use e-mail. Don’t always use the phone. Don’t always visit in person. Use technology, but use it sparingly. COMMUNICATE with your customers on all levels!