Mommy Monday:: Board Book Albums


Laura Miranti, CPA is the owner and founder of Board Book Albums, LLC. She officially formed her business in April 2008 after discovering first-hand the need for a board book photo album for small children.

When her daughter was only 1 year old, it became evident that she was behind other children her age developmentally. A therapist recommended making her a photo album full of photos of family, toys and other familiar objects. Her daughter, Lucia, immediately tore up the album she had put together and Laura began searching for a kid friendly album.

Soon, she had the idea to create and album with a sturdier, board book design and after trying to create it herself, was on the hunt for a manufacturer that could help her make her vision a reality. It wasn’t long before she had a prototype that she was completely excited about.

“I am so excited about having my own business!” Laura said. Over the past couple of years, she has put every one of her spare moments toward creating her business and her company. “Starting my own business has taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to, even if it seems like a daunting task at the beginning,” she said.

While Laura admits that it is easy to get overwhelmed, it’s important to focus on the small victories and accomplishments along the way. She is married and has three children, Slone 12, Marren 9, Lucia 3 and a baby girl due in November.

“Family has always been my first priority,” she said. She also emphasized the importance of multi-tasking. “You have to be organized and use your free time for the business.”

Laura said that she hopes many children will enjoy her products, including children with autism, speech delay or other special needs. More about Board Book Albums can be found here and you can purchase albums here.

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