Tuesday's Tip:: Tweet and Retweet

Ok, before I get into today's tip, I want to revisit last week's tip. (It can be found here). I told you about HARO and all the great free exposure you can get by connecting with reporters. I wanted to revisit and prove to you that it works. I responded to a query last week and got in touch with Mike at The Toliet Paper Entreprenuer. Market Mommy can be found featured in his post today about Women Entrepreneurs. {Scroll down, we're #79} TPE has been featured on ABC, Fox News, The New York Times and much more. So, I would chalk that up as a success. If you're not on the HARO mailing list, I would recommend it!

Now, for today's tip. You may have noticed the cute little tweets and retweet buttons gracing the top of my posts now. I've been searching for a week or so about how to add this little widget to my blog. The easiest instructions I found were here. {I used the code at the very bottom of the post} You really can't go wrong adding this to your blog. It's an easy way to get more attention and it is so convenient for your readers who want to share with their followers. Social media is a great {and free} way to market yourself, might as well take advantage!!