Odds & Ends

I just wanted to make everyone aware of a few things happening this week.

First, I've started a discussion on our Facebook Fan page. If you're not a fan already, become one and you can participate. Today is the first day of school here, so it has a back to school theme. Everyone that joins in the discussion will be registered to win an Announcements Galore gift certficate!

Also, we have a special promotion going on this week. You can save 20% on any listing, advertisement or service at Market Mommy just by entering coupon code SAVE20 at checkout. So, take advantage of that as well!

Last, but certainly not least, we've made a few very minor adjustments to our main site. We've activiated our Guest Book page. So, if you have any compliments or concerns you'd like to share, feel free to visit us there. We've also created a News/Opportunities page, where you can see our press releases (which we'll be uploading soon, I promise) and our current opportunities.

Thanks! Here's to a great week! {And a short one for me, I'll be out of town on Friday!}