Mommy Monday:: Janis @ The Dinner Spin


Janis has always been an entrepreneur at heart. As a child, she sold used fireworks on July 5. Since the first dollar she earned, she knew she wanted to own her own business. And, on her first Monday morning commute after the birth of her second child, the inspiration for The Dinner Spin struck her.

“All of my passions combined in this one idea to provide simple recipes and help busy cooks stay organized enough to provide a delicious, nutritious meal every night of the week with minimal effort,” she said.

The Dinner Spin’s mission is to make meal preparation easier by providing simple, online
tools. “Our goal is to inspire healthy habits when it comes to planning, shopping, cooking, eating and budgeting,” Janis said.

She has two small children, and like every mom business owner she finds balancing everything a big challenging at times. One thing that really helps her is structuring her day. “Clearly defining work days and hours is hard,” Janis said. “But, making sure you draw that line is important.

The Dinner Spin is free, and easy to use. And, according to Janis, it offers healthy ideas that are easy to implement. Subscribers receive a weekly menu with healthy entree recipes, a grocery list and a game plan to help pull it all together, plus a weekly blog provides more fun food ideas.

Typically, the blog recipes are built around a theme. For example a recent recipe include how to care for, hw to ripen and most importantly, how to use tomatoes. Each week there are new ideas that keep readers coming back!

Janis said she loves being a work-at-home-mom and really enjoys the flexibility. “Being able to drop everything for an impromptu picnic or morning at a nature center is worth more than any benefit package a big company could offer,” she said.