Think Spring! Blog Party:: Ficklets

Who:: Ros Guerrero, owner and inventor @ Ficklets
Business Established:: We launched Ficklets in 2007 and received our patent in 2009.
What she does:: Ficklets are patented interchangeable charm huggers for eyeglasses, the first of its kind in the marketplace. They're designed to adorn eyeglasses in a fresh, fun way to help kids feel more comfortable in their glasses; it's also a way for adults to jazz up their ordinary frames. With over 100 designs, Ficklets gives plain, tired glasses a quick, affordable update offering versatility - options to change out your eyewear look depending on your interest, outfit or mood. To learn more about how we got started, please visit us here:
How she finds balance:: It's a challenge to create a "balance" {the ever elusive endeavor} in both family and work, so I put my efforts in juggling and managing both the best way I can. A major reason I can work the business is my husband's concerted efforts. My husband is instrumental in helping create a healthy family and work environment - he picks up where I leave off. For the most part, we've made some tradeoffs in terms of family & home duties, so I can focus most of my energy to building Ficklets. We work very hard to develop a mutually beneficial family and business teamwork environment because we understand the end goal and mission is to build a business that would provide our special needs daughter a quality life long after we're gone.
Her best advice:: ACTION... do something everyday for your business to move you towards your end goal. Be a perpetual inspiration seeker - this will help keep you in forward movement. Embrace social media & connect with other women entrepreneurs for inspiration, education & camaraderie.
Get it now:: 20% off purchases - code MM at check out.
What they are giving away:: Winner's choice of a set of Ficklets.
Play and win:: Who/what was the direct inspiration behind Ficklets?

To register for THIS prize, comment on THIS post with the answer to the play and win question above.

Extra Credit::

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Leilani said...

What a great idea! Reminds me of the crocs charms that were popular (and still are!) with children. I have no kids with glasses so no need to register for the prize, just wanted to say best of luck & I agree with you on the husband thing: mine is so supportive & helpful I don't know what I would do without him!
All the best,

Heather Hill said...

So I would totally love to wear these on my glasses! Your inspiration was your daughter Gem :) Great Idea!!!

Julie said...

Her inspiration was her 14 year old special needs daughter "Gem" who has worn glasses since she was 6-Ficklets are cute

Julie said...

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Julie said...

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Julie said...

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