Tuesday's Tip:: Newsletters

It may or may not seem obvious, but consistent contact and interaction with your customer base is crucial. Do you have an address list, e-mail or otherwise? Do you use it? A regular newsletter is a low-cost and effective way to keep your brand in front of previous and potential customers. If there isn't a newsletter mailing option included with your web hosting, there are several options available online. There are several low-cost options {we use Constant Contact}, and some free ones too, depending on your list size. Regardless of what service you use, here are a few tips when writing and sending your newsletter.....

  • Be consistent and send out communication on a regular basis.
  • Be consistent and use your logo and company brand frequently.
  • Have a purpose, include company updates, promotions, newsworthy items in your newsletter.
  • Include coupons and/or direct links to your website.
  • Include an option for subscribers to forward your newsletter to others.
  • Be polite, don't spam!!

Need help writing or designing your newsletter? We can do that :o) E-mail us!