New listers


In case you haven't visited the main Market Mommy site lately, I thought I'd introduce a couple of new sites to you. In the last week we've added a new blog listing and a listing to our mom websites page. You might want to check them out!

A Year in the Life of June Cleaver is a new blog listing on Market Mommy. From her About Me page:: "I decided that I wanted to live a more hands on, back to basics, simpler life. Modeling my project on 1950's, I couldnt think of a better role model than June Cleaver. My blog is about my year long experiment to live a simple life, go back to basics and try to improve myself and my family's life. I am hoping this will be a new life ahead."

This Mom Told Me is a new mom website listed on Market Mommy. From her welcome page::
"This site is for all moms and families to share all types of information. I need you to send me any tips, ideas, information, pictures, articles, etc. Anything you know that you think other moms would like to know. Email your information to me and I will post it online with your first name and city. If you would like it anonymous, just let me know."

Thanks for visiting and supporting our listers!

Felt like creating a new siggy this morning ;>)


jessie said...

Thanks so much, Dawn! I look forward to keeping in touch & learning from you as I develop my blog!!!!

Nicole Mealing said...

I like the new Sig.. ! =)