Drumroll please .......................

It's July! And, Market Mommy is happy to announce what you've all been waiting for! The winner(s) of our First Birthday Extravaganza! First, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who entered, tweeted, blogged, facebooked, etc. about the contest! I appreciate your support!

We had just under 300 entries! I've really enjoyed reading through them and getting to know you all a little bit better!

And, we of course can't forget our awesome sponsors! Without them, this giveaway would not have been possible! Please review the list here and thank them whenever possible!

Now for the winners ......

Mega Prize Winner::
A BIG congratulations to Lois Whittacker at Cushie Pushie

4 runners-up recieve a one-year membership to Our Milk Money::
1. Micholyn Fajen at Fajen Consulting
2. Staci at November Sunflower
3. Emily Li at LiLi Picked
4. Angela Bickford at Always B Designs

19 runners-up receive a copy of The Business Behind the Boogie::
1. Angela at Always B Designs
2. Maureen Calo at United from Home
3. Kathleen Collins at Jilly Jelly Bug
4. Eva at Hyper Space web design
5. Heather Flottman at Liliputians
6. Jaime at Simply Jaime
7. Colleen Garcia at Clever Container

8. Jan Ackerson at Superior Editing Services
9. Anita Foster at Rianja Fashion
10. Melissa Dery at The Golden Rule VA
11. Heather Barnard at Chickadee Prints

12. Susan Jones at Little Monkeys
13. Jill Chuckas at Crafty Baby
14. Michal Circolone at MammaMichal's Freshly Made Body Care Products

15. Suzanne Remington at The Boy’s Store
16. Michelle Campbell at 3 Blondes and a Bag
17. Staci Egan at Contempo Jewelry
18. Heather Lopez at Happy and Healthy Mom
19. Michelle Miller at Kids D├ęcor, Inc.

Congratulations to all!


NovemberSunflower AND StaciandherScorpios said...

Congrats to the big winner, Lois!
I'm so happy to have been a runner up. I've never won anything before!! So cool.

NovemberSunflower AND StaciandherScorpios said...

How do I sign up for milk money? do they know I won and won't charge me for my membership?

Goodies for Mom said...

Wahoo!!!!! I'm so excited to have won the big prize!!!!!! Thank you so much to Market Mommy and all the wonderful sponsors!!!!!!!

Cushie Pushie Company

Eva said...

Hi Dawn,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter and the prize :) Could you please post some information about how we could claim our prize(s)?

Thank you,

hyper-space.ca Web Design

Market Mommy said...

Hi Everyone! I've asked all of our sponsors to contact Lois directly. If you've won a subscription from Our Milk Money, you should have received communication from them today. If you won a book, you will be hearing from me in the near future about where to send your shipping information. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Congrats for the new domain! Looks wonderful! time for me to change my bookmarks!

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Pain SUX said...

Congrats on the new move!!

Happy New Year.

I'm a brand new follower, and am excited to check back with you often.

I'd love it if you'd take a look at my blog and follow me back. Thanks!