To blog or not to blog

There are millions of blogs, some are excellent, some are personal, some are informational, some are educational, some are funny, some are beneficial, some are mediocre, some are awesome and some are just plain bad.

Does your business have a blog? Should it?

There are a lot of great reasons to blog and it can be an excellent promotional opportunity for your company. It is free, or close to it, but can be costly when it comes to your time. It is critical that if you start a blog, you maintain it regularly and put your full effort into it.

If you do, there can be several benefits. Here are some things you can do with your blog::

  • Offer consistent updates to your customers and followers
  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Establish yourself as a leader/expert in your field
  • Create advertising revenue
  • Sell products
  • Get customer feedback
  • Offer customer support

Notice, I capitalized NETWORK. For small, mom-owned businesses that are on a limited marketing budget, there is nothing more important than networking. Networking with potential customers, other mom business owners and others in your industry can all prove valuable.

Here are a couple examples of mom-owned business blogs that I think have it right::

So, if you have a little extra time, some decent writing skills and the desire to further market your business, start a blog!


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