LDBP:: ProActive Parenting

Who:: Sharon @ ProActive Parenting
Business Established:: 1993
What they do:: Dedicated to Helping Parents Raise Children, Not Just Correct Behavior. Sharon Silver is a mom, an educator, and a powerful speaker. Her sense of humor and teaching style make her easy to listen to and creates a trustworthy environment for learning. Her mission has always been to create programs that help parents focus on what else can be done instead of going straight to punishment. ProActive ParentingTM is the result of that mission. With an education in Parenting and Early Childhood Development, four certifications as a Parent Educator, and practical experience as the mother of two young adults, there’s very little she hasn’t seen.

She offers her Seminars By Topic at this website and does Live In-Person seminars at schools, corporations, universities and mom’s groups. She does telephone-seminars for working parents during the lunch break, gives speeches for service organizations, and travels to different cities around the country giving seminars. Over the last 17 years, parents, public and private school teachers, day-care directors and providers, corporations and service groups have all benefited from the programs she teaches about how to use a balanced, real-life approach when disciplining and teaching children. 

How she finds balance:: I have one large master board to keep things straight for business and family. Being a Mom Entrepreneur allows me to set my schedule or cancel things if my family needs me, like when my father had a heart attack and I had to cancel a class to be there for his surgery. I build in time for exercise or take a day off to play, both very important to my sanity.
Her best advice:: If you work from home like I do create boundaries for your business or you'll be eaten alive. I have a teenage ring tone on our family phone. It has a different phone number and a double ring yet I'm only billed once for the line. This allows me to really enforce that the "office" is closed.
What they are giving away:: The choice of a downloadable audio parenting seminar to listen to on the computer or on an iPod.
Play and win:: Which seminar topic would be most beneficial in your house?

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angela said...

how to resond not react to toddler behavior

Cool and chill Mom! said...

How to Respond NOT React
to Toddler and Preschool Behavior or #1 correcting toddlers.