The Possibilities of Direct Mail


Have you ever tried direct mail? Have you found it successful? Why or why not?

Mailing out postcards to your established contacts and potential customers can prove effective if done correctly. First, you need to determine what exactly you want to accomplish.

Do you want to simply build awareness about your brand? Then, a series of postcards over a given period of time might be your best bet. Potential customers need to see and be reminded of your brand consistently and repetitively. I would suggest a series of four to six postcards sent out two to three weeks apart. Each should have a slightly different message, but be consistent in look and theme.

Are you having an event or promotion you want to drive attendance to? Then one or two postcards would probably be a better option. Send out an announcement or a save the date card in advance of the event or promotion. If you really want to build interest and excitement, tease them with some information and then have them pursue more by visiting your website, for example.

A second card can and should be sent out immediately preceding your event. Or, if you are running a month-long special, for instance, send out a card at the beginning of the month and then a reminder not to miss the sale, toward the end.

In all cases, the cards should have a consistent look and feel. And, in order to reserve resources, your mailing list should be well researched and targeted.

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