Mommy Monday:: Mumoocie


Mumoocie. The company's name itself is intriguing, who wouldn't want to learn more about it? It's prounounced "mum-oo-see" and the product is a luxury talking pillow perfect for children who are scared to sleep alone or adults who like/need to sleep in a spooning position.

Leigh Woods invented and patented this co-sleeping body pillow in 2007 after her own daughter was afraid of the dark and scared to sleep alone. According to Woods, Mumoocie eases separation anxiety because it simulates a loved one laying beside you. It has a unique shape, retains heat/scent and includes a voice recorder so the child can hear their loved one.

Woods works out of an office in her home and finds it relatively easy to balance her business with her family because of their support. "It is not only my dream but my family's dream also. My children use my product and love it as well as believe in it," she said.

She also said that working at home is how she finds perfect balance. "Since my office is in my home, I am able to contribute to the school functions and activities that my children are involved in. I find the balance of both is perfect."

Starting a company is rarely easy, but Woods said it's easier if you are working with a product you are passionate about. From her time as a business owner she has developed advice she likes to share with others.
  • Have a strong business plan in place
  • Be aware of competitors
  • Accept that there may be a time period without income
  • Listen and ask advice from other successful buisness owners
  • Utilize free networking sites
  • Investigate the companies you work with to avoid costly errors
You can learn more about Mumoocie by visiting their website. Need a Mumoocie?? You can save 25% on your order when you use coupon code marketmommy!

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