HBP:: Let's Go Strolling

Who:: Let’s Go Strolling
Business Established:: Almost 5 years ago
What they do:: At Let’s Go Strolling our mission is to combine outstanding customer service with the best selection of high-quality strollers, designer diaper bags, new baby gifts and new mom products to make your shopping experience both easy and fun, so you can buy the best products to fit your lifestyle. We aim to always exceed your expectations with our product selection, product knowledge and responsive service.
How she finds balance:: It's never in balance! I once read this great quote about there isn't balance there are chapters. Some chapters are more about work but then things slow down and you might have a more family-centered chapter or a couple-centered chapter. I think the chapters aren't always that long but that is more how I think about things. Everything gets it time but not necessarily at the same time always.
Her best advice:: I have learned manageable growth is the key. Just because you can grow quickly doesn't mean it is the right plan for your life.
Save Now:: LGS10 for $10 off orders of $100 or more.
What they are giving away:: $25 gift certificate
Play and win:: What product from Let’s Go Strolling do you think is the perfect baby shower gift for $35 or less?

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angela said...

I like the Bebe au lait for a shower gift

Cool and chill Mom! said...

a gift certificate or sophie the giraffe

thesehappydays said...

I like the Sweet Shoes Sweet Slips