Mommy Monday:: The Work at Home Woman

The Work at Home Woman is an essential for any mom wanting to work from home or become self-employed. It is a strong asset because it was started by a fellow work-at-home mom who aims to share the knowledge she’s acquired while working from home herself.

The Work at Home Woman is an online business resource and blog for women and moms who wish to work from home or become self-employed. They cover everything from finding your perfect niche, to blogging, social networking, home business financing, marketing, work at home scams and small business information. Their mission is to help women and moms acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to successfully work from home or to become self-employed while providing support, inspiration and motivation.

Since December 2007, Holly has been researching and writing content for The Work at Home Woman, which officially launched in March of this year. After the birth of her daughter, two-and-a-half years ago, she started networking with past employers and looking for work she could do from home while caring for her daughter.

Her efforts have paid off and soon she started working from home by completing marketing research, establishing joint ventures and working as a social network liaison for a small publishing company. Now, she is motivated to help other women and mothers find legitimate work at home ideas and opportunities.

As with many other work from home moms, Holly finds organization to be a crucial key. “I create a daily schedule; a monthly media schedule and a daily to-do list so that I can keep on top of all my daily tasks,” she said. She also tries to optimize work time while her daughter naps and is sure to turn off her computer at 5 p.m. to focus on her family.

In addition to networking, Holly encourages other women not to give up on their desire to work from home. “If you really want something you will need to work very hard and believe in yourself, but in the end it will payoff,” she said.


Holly - The Work at Home Woman said...

Hi Dawn - Thank you so much for the Mommy Monday feature!